MDF Fixer

Get SQL Server Fix Toolbox (Download Free) is powerful MS sql Server 2000 MDF fixer, recovering corrupted database files and eliminating threats for the integrity of MDF files.

.MDF Fixer

The SQL .MDF fixer can be used either separately or as a good addition to database backups. For example, database administrators may use older backups to restore some information and try the SQL MDF file fixer to repair the latest changes of database files only.

MDF File Fixer

The MDF SQL fixer, developed by, offers the following major features and services:

  • Repairs views, stored procedures, triggers, secondary keys, foreign keys and other objects;
  • Works with copies of corrupted databases, without modifying MDF files during the process of database analysis;
  • Combines powerful MDF files fixer services and friendly user interface, guiding users through all stages of database restoration without any difficulties;
  • Features full compatibility with all known configurations, database versions and Windows operating systems;
  • Keeps the privacy of fixer MDF services and executes all repairs offline to protect the confidentiality of personal information;
  • Parses corrupted databases of any size and does not require the investigation of data corruption problem before it is started.

SQL Server Fix Toolbox database recovery program is released by professional software team development so you may count on the premium support service and timely response within 24 hours. Unlike open source and free tools, the users of SQL Server Fix Toolbox do not wait for days or even weeks until somebody respond their requests. This program allows getting better results than other tools, distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or similar agreements.

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